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posted on 2023-12-07, 00:25 authored by Hasini Nakulugamuwa-GamageHasini Nakulugamuwa-Gamage, Madhu ChettyMadhu Chetty, Jennifer Hallinan, Suryani Lim

GRAMP: Gene Regulatory Network Aggregation Framework

GRAMP is a user friendly desktop Application for Ensemble Model Building, which has been made freely available for public use. This application offers two primary functionalities:

  1. Adding new inference methods
  2. Executing new gene expression datasets with unknown network structures

Currently, GRAMP files.zip is password protected, and contact hasininakulugamuwagamage@students.federation.edu.au.

More details and step by step guide to work with GRAMP is given in the provided user manual inside GRAMP files. Supplementary files include relevant source codes and datasets.