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Appendix C – Case Studies

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posted on 2022-06-27, 02:13 authored by Charlotte YoungCharlotte Young

Appendix C - Case Studies


Appendix C1 – Focus Group Case Studies

Appendix C1a – Case Studies from Part 1

Appendix C1b – Case Study from Part 2

Appendix C1c – Case Study from Part 3

Appendix C2 – Initial Validation Case Studies

Appendix C2a – Initial Validation Case Studies Centrelink Letter 

Appendix C2b – Initial Validation Case Studies IBM Loan

Appendix C3 – Constructive Feedback Case Study

Appendix C4 – Independent Validation Case Studies

Appendix C4a – Independent Validation Case Studies - Scenarios 1-6

Appendix C4b – Updated Independent Validation Case Studies - Scenarios 1-6

As part of the thesis: Evaluating Explanations of Artificial Intelligence Decisions: the Explanation Quality Rubric and Survey by Charlotte Young (Federation University)


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